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I was sent to memorial by the VA to get an x-ray on my foot. It took 2 hours to be seen by the first nurse then sent back to the waiting room for an additional 6 hours.

There were people and children in much worse shape than I that were there longer than me. I got antsy and asked where radiology was and when I got there it was completely empty. I will never ever go back to this joke of a hospital. The staff were very unpleasant and unprofessional.

The security guard is a fat *** that needs to be fired ASAP. I'm sorry to any patients that get sent or go here. I would rather die then get seen at this hospital and I know that sounds dramatic but it's true. My father in law has had the same problems and worse.

Please stay away.

And last but not least. There was a sweet teenage girl that was covered in burns and sores and she waited 2 hours longer than I did

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I’m in there now and finding out this place sucks

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